Terrorism today

“We live in a multicultural community, now what?”

Parents and PVE

“Families and close loved ones are the best people to tackle this problem.”

A Conversation with Imam Mohamad Jebara

“I think perhaps a better term, instead of using the word ‘radicalized’, is ‘imbalance’.”

An Overview of Modern Right-Wing Extremism in Canada

“Canada has been home to a collection of right-wing extremists that have been surprisingly influential in the global movements associated with white supremacy, Neo-Nazism, Identity Christianity, Creativity, skinheads, and others.”

Violent Extremism in the News: A Cautionary Note

“Several patterns of coverage are worrisome, especially given their influence on our perceptions of extremism.”

The Struggle with Role of Religion in Radicalization

“If we wish to understand what is happening, if only to prevent it better, we must come to grips with the consequent force of the religious claims of the assailants.”

Re-Humanizing Refugees and Resettlement: Coverage of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in Canadian News Media

“politicians, journalists, and the general public have the capacity to re-humanize the coverage by dismantling stereotypes of refugees that are driven by threat and fear.”

“Welcome to the Real Ottawa!” 

“The impact on our congregation of that display of love from our broader community was immense.”

An Interview with Ryan Scrivens