How does the targeting of legitimate voices (by terrorists or police and security personnel) impact Muslim communities?

Imam Mohamad Jebara, PhD, serves as Chief Imam and Resident Scholar at the Cordova Spiritual Education Centre.

Imam Mohamad Jebara is also an author, poet, athlete, reformer, and inline skater. In September 2014, as the “Cycling Cleric”, Imam Jebara became the first cleric in history to cycle and roller-blade for health, from Ottawa to Quebec City. To find out more about Imam Jebara, check out


Parents and PVE

By Christianne Boudreau (@ChristianneBoud)

In our world today, parents have yet another concern to educate themselves about as well as learn how to approach the topic with our children and educate them.  This new phenomenon of radicalization, or path to violent extremism, is actually not that new.  It has been around for years in many different forms including cults, gangs and right-wing extremism.  The downfall is it is not something that has been at the forefront of the mainstream population until now.  That also means that it is something that most communities haven’t put on their list to tackle.

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Staying Critical Online

The past year has seen the development of a widespread and important problem: the spreading of an enormous quantity of false information online. Fake news is made with the sole intention to be satirical and ironic. However, other news articles are created to be sensational and generate clicks and likes. Moreover, some fake news are propaganda websites that have a specific interest behind the information they convey. Research shows that adults get a good proportion of their news and information from the internet and social media. Most people are therefore at risk of taking false information and believing it to be true. The problem is that fake and real news or information are presented in such a similar way that it is becoming very difficult to differentiate the two. Continue reading “Staying Critical Online”