Staying Critical Online

The past year has seen the development of a widespread and important problem: the spreading of an enormous quantity of false information online. Fake news is made with the sole intention to be satirical and ironic. However, other news articles are created to be sensational and generate clicks and likes. Moreover, some fake news are propaganda websites that have a specific interest behind the information they convey. Research shows that adults get a good proportion of their news and information from the internet and social media. Most people are therefore at risk of taking false information and believing it to be true. The problem is that fake and real news or information are presented in such a similar way that it is becoming very difficult to differentiate the two. Continue reading “Staying Critical Online”

Network of Support

Canadians from all walks of life require assistance at some point in their lives, whether it be financial, spiritual, or health related. The organizations we have provided links for are not under the direct purview of our organization, however, we recognize that locating assistance can be difficult and have provided a broad spectrum of assistance based programs. This is why we have provided links to organizations which assist in a range of activities from healthcare to employment services that are offered within Canada. Recognizing the unique history of Aboriginals we have also provided a link designed to assist in a culturally appropriate manner. 


Refugees Welcome

Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres Of Ottawa

Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council

Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization

National Aboriginal Health Organization

Are You A Victim of Hate Crime or Discrimination?

Violence or discrimination because of faith, ethnicity, national origin or any other immutable aspect of your identity is considered a serious crime in Canada, and a violation of our most fundamental values. Unfortunately, many people are survivors of hate crime, discrimination and harassment simply because of who they are. Don’t suffer in silence. There are dedicated professionals and volunteers who are committed to a fair and equal society. We have compiled the following resources which present several options – whether it is reporting criminal radicalization to our national tip-off line, pursuing action against discrimination in the workplace, or simply seeking support.


Canadian Human Rights Commission       

BC Hate Crimes

No Bullying

Lesbian Gay Bi Trans Youth Line

RCMP National Security Information Network

Stop Racism and Hate Canada

Interfaith and Intercultural Dialogue

So much of the conflict we experience in the world today is resultant from poor communication. Part of our objective as an organization is to help break down the barriers to communication that allow for divides between groups to remain intact. Our philosophy is that the best way to remove cultural and interfaith boundaries is through interaction. The hope is for individuals (like you!) to read this and seek out opportunities within your community to learn about another faith and/or culture. We have provided links to charities and organizations that encourage dialogue between groups. We hope you find these opportunities as exciting as we do! 


Intercultural Dialogue

Lifeline Syria

Roofs for Refugees 

Refugee 613

International Rescue Committee

Volunteer with the Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization

Reporting Problematic Behaviour

Radicalization to violence does not happen overnight – it is a process that involves many external and internal factors. However, there are detectable warning signs, such as showing an increased interest in groups who adhere to fringe ideologies, isolation, and an interest in weaponry and guns. It may be difficult as a bystander to know what to do or how to approach the issue. The below resources include anonymous and confidential hotlines you can call to ask for advice. They also serve as educational resources to help you learn more about the signs and symptoms of radicalization. Some links will also connect you with support networks of other people who have watched friends and family members turn to extreme radicalization.


Centre for the Prevention of Radicalization Leading to Violence

Parents for Peace

Redirect Program

Mothers for Life Network